Foundation For Social Health

The Task Ahead

From the foregoing, it is evident that health care delivery system in India, especially in Kerala has been confronting a lot of lively issues. In such a circumstances, We cannot be impartial spectators to this naked exploitation of poor people by private capitalists, deliberately giving them wrong notions about their health in order to make huge profits. The commodification of health care delivery system in the state has reduced the easy access of common people to get adequate primary health care. Thus there is a calculated plan to sabotage the Alma Ata objective of providing Health for All to Health for the rich.

For the easy implementation of socio-economic interventions to make health care available to the poor, we have registered a Foundation for Social Health with the following objectives:

  • To act as an umbrella organization coordinating various poverty eradication schemes, organize mental health programmes in educational institutions, providing healthcare services to the harijan / tribal colonies and also to the underprivileged.
  • Sensitizing people on the socio-economic causes of ill health and conduct awareness campaigns regarding ill-effects of bad social habits like smoking, consumption of alcohol, taking psychedelic drugs etc.
  • To preserve and disseminate knowledge in traditional healthcare systems rooted in our culture so as to provide a cost-effective method of treatment easily accessible even to the poorest of the poor.
  • Inculcate a new health code by promoting transparency in clinical diagnosis and treatment. Conducting programmes for educating patients / their relatives to enable them properly utilize the Right to Information Act for eliciting information regarding the procedures followed by the doctors in hospitals.
  • Establish psychological counseling centres for alleviating stresses / traumas of children, youth, women and the aged.
  • Establish educational / training network to build barefoot health workers / counselors / trainers who are willing to work with people specifically in regions where such services are not readily available, to enable people lead physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually happy lives.
  • To publish books, pamphlets, periodicals and journals in India / abroad for the diffusion of scientific knowledge, advancement of education, culture and human values.
  • To functions as a source of strength and training ground for inspired persons for running charitable institutions for human welfare.
  • To establish societies, cultural centres, treatment facilities, de-addiction centres and other institutions to render charitable service to humanity through the joint participation of people from all walks of life, integrating the services of professionals belonging to all systems of medicine.
  • To provide, assist and implement any scheme for providing food, shelter, clothing as well as livelihood and uplift of the poor.
  • Undertake child development programmes to encourage unfettered growth of children into full-blown noble individuals capable of recognizing and choosing one’s own path of life in a progressive way.
  • To run orphanages, shelter for women and old-age homes to take care of those forsaken by the mainstream society.
  • To work with experts in developing a new curriculum / centres of study suited for children belonging to all intellectual levels so as to ensure students who are unable to come up under the current general scheme of education are also taken care of.
  • To establish centres where children / women / those suffering from old age are provided with long term institutional care.
  • To establish centres where people suffering from physical / mental illness are provided with long term institutional care and rehabilitation.
  • To promote legal aid or assistance to poor and other deserving people to approach or defend for them in courts of law, forums and tribunals for adjudication. Empower them to demand their rights as enunciated in Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1946.
  • To coordinate with various other government / non-government bodies / organizations / schemes to run projects towards fulfillment of the above objectives.
  • To vary on any other charitable activity that may be found necessary or expedient in the course of time subject to the condition that they shall not be inconsistent with the main Objectives of the Foundation referred to in this constitution.

In order to implement any of these objectives, we are always ready to cooperate with any regional/national/international government organizations or non governmental organizations. We firmly agree to the Peoples Health Charter approved by the major health organizations of the world. We further believe that the present socio-economic order does not at all support the Health for All objective of Alma Ata declaration. Though twenty eight years have passed since this historic event, the relevance and significance of Alma Ata in fact has increased substantially. There is a plethora of evidence to show that public health has been an obvious casualty of the adoption of economic reforms in India and other developing countries. In the present mad rush to accelerate economic growth by ushering in a free market society by blindly pursuing a model of development of industrialized world, our political executives simply failed to comprehend the common wisdom that only by enhancing the productive efficiency of the poor through a strong primary health care delivery system, a better and strong India can be created .All of us have to participate in the fight for forcing the Government of India to focus on the Health for All strategy now ,rejecting the Bretton woods institution advocacy of privatization of health care in the country.


Foundation for Social Health (NGO) hereby calling for applications for KAAVAL Project in Thrissur for the following posts:

1. Project Coordinator

Qualification: MSW / MA (Psychology or Sociology)
4 to 5 years of Field Experience in the field of Child Welfare preferred.
Expected Salary: Around Rs. 17,500/- pm (plus TA as applicable)

2. Field Worker

Qualification: MSW
1 year Field Experience in the field of Child Welfare preferred (Freshers can also apply).
Expected Salary: Around Rs. 12,500/- pm (plus TA as applicable)

Candidates living in and around Thrissur will be given additional preference. Should be able to join the Project immediately.
Interested candidates may attend the interview on 11th January 2018 (tentative date) with copies of educational qualification / experience certificate at the Foundation Office at Innervision, Thrissur.

Please forward your CV to <> and to <>

For further information, please call the following Phone Numbers (between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, except on Sundays):
+91 487 2388319
+91 94463 28319
+91 94472 01346